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Understanding Your Choice

Etta D. Jackson, Ph.D.,Author

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Etta D. Jackson

Etta D. Jackson is the author of four works of non-fiction, available in paperback and eBook format.  In 1975, she received a divine message instructing her to write down the title of a book she would later write.  The title given was: ‘Understanding Your Choice’.

At the time, Etta was flabbergasted.  She was not a writer and had no intention of becoming a writer. She was convinced this was a mistake and ignored the message. Nevertheless, every five to ten years the title would pop up in her mind, but she still could not understand what the title was about.

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The Age of Aquarius: The Brotherhood of Man ​ ​

Understanding Your Choice, Unveiling the Secrets of the Feminine Principle, The Role of Consciousness in Governance, and The Idea That is The United States of America: It’s Occult Foundation were written to assist in reflecting on the last 2,160 years of man’s sojourn on Planet Earth during the Age of Pisces.

We are at the turning point in our travels and like the biblical Prodigal Son who left home on a journey of exploration and adventure, we too are now ready to walk the Path of Return. The Age of Pisces was designed to build consciousness coupled with the knowledge of all our experiences in our cells. With this stored knowledge, I invite you to create the physical, emotional, and mental space needed for self-reflection and self-assessment, so your inner teacher is able to reveal the inner meaning of that knowledge to your conscious mind. And to remember the decision you made eons ago! It is my hope that these books will help in that revelation.

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