Unveiling the Secrets of the Feminine Principle

Unveiling the Secrets of the Feminine Principle reveals the Great Mysteries of Shekinah, the Divine Mother. She who is the Third aspect of the Divine Triad – the Holy Ghost, and the Comforter. She is “the Woman clothed with the Sun, wearing a crown of Stars”, the Book of Revelation predicted would come at the dawn of the Aquarian Age. She will establish the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, and initiate the equality between the Masculine and the Feminine, the Age of Peace, Brotherhood and Justice.

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In parting the veil of secrecy, She reveals the mysteries of the Divine Plan, for the liberation of humanity. This plan is unattainable without a complete understanding of the role of the Feminine.

The following chapters reveal Her nature:

Chapter One

Woman, Who Art Thou?

Chapter Two

The Mother: The Grand Architect and Designer

Chapter Three

Grandmother Spider's WebWater: The Mother and the Father

Chapter Four

The Seven Aspects of the Feminine

Chapter Five

The Heart, in the Evolution of Consciousness

Chapter Six

Shekinah, The Mystery of Sex​

Chapter Seven

The Unveiled and Revealed Isis: The Gate and the Key

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Etta D. Jackson

Etta D. Jackson is the author of four non-fiction paperback books available as paperback and ebooks.  In 1975 she received a divine message instructing her to write down the title of a book she would later write.  The title given was: ‘Understanding your Choice’.

At the time, Etta was flabbergasted.  She was not a writer and had no intention of writing books. She was convinced this was a mistake and ignored the message. Nevertheless, every five to ten years the title would pop up in her mind but she still could not understand what the title was about.

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