The Role of Consciousness in Governance

The Role of Consciousness in Governance’ explains how the Divine Will and Plan for Humanity must be manifested on Earth through the governments of all countries.


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​This Spiritual Hierarchy constitutes the New World Order, whose nucleus is now on Planet Earth and represents a new species of organic life.The book concludes by explaining both the pivotal role the United States of America plays in fulfilling the Divine Plan for the planet, and the creation of the New World Order, in order to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. This is demonstrated by the importance of the esoteric document, the Declaration Independence, which was given to the USA to guide Humanity towards enlightenment. 

For the Divine destiny of Humanity to become a reality, the governments on Earth must be perfect reflections of the one Above. The book reveals that the Spiritual Hierarchy, consisting of Adepts and Initiates, which has always had the responsibility for guiding the affairs of Humanity, is now no longer operating in secret due to the recognition and acceptance by Humanity of their existence and function which is a direct result of man’s evolving awareness and consciousness.

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Etta D. Jackson

Etta D. Jackson is the author of four non-fiction paperback books available as paperback and eBooks.  In 1975 she received a divine message instructing her to write down the title of a book she would later write.  The title given was: ‘Understanding your Choice’.

At the time, Etta was flabbergasted.  She was not a writer and had no intention of writing books. She was convinced this was a mistake and ignored the message. Nevertheless, every five to ten years the title would pop up in her mind but she still could not understand what the title was about.

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