Understanding Your Choice

A comprehensive presentation of the Occult/Arcane Mysteries. ​​In this Age of Aquarius, which is that of Water Bearer and the Path of Return, chapter zero introduces mankind to himself the architect of the idea to take the journey into matter to experience being clothed in Form. It acquaints the aspirant on this return journey, of the Divine intent, that took him on his descent into matter. The relationship of Great Bear, Sirius and the Pleiades to these cosmic influences in humanity’s involution and now evolution, are explained.

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Chapter One

Chapter One takes the reader on a soul-level recapitulation of the twelve signs or divisions of the wheel of life to understand how these twelve forces of energy and their attendant impact influenced his physical, emotional and mental development. In every cycle and at every stage of the evolutionary process, through the four kingdoms, the goal of preparing the personality vehicle to receive the full in-flow of the soul’s force has been carefully monitored and supervised. The process for this is to restore him to full memory of his godhood.

chapter two

Chapter two: The descent of consciousness through the ten cosmic centers called Sephiroth, and their twenty-two planetary paths, which together represent the Tree of Life, the glyph of Spiritual Man. These thirty-two forces of power, in the four worlds, mark out the internal journey embarked upon by the Prodigal Son as he descended into matter and ignorance. The Age of Aquarius initiates the travel on his ordered steps back to the Father’s House with expanded consciousness.

Chapter three

The story of Masonry, Mankind, and of the Problems of Jewish People, in chapter three, gives the prodigal son a context or framework within which to make meaning of his life experiences. The story helps him to see the analogy they bear to the experiences of his brothers and sisters in every culture and race; to humanity as a whole, to the solar system we inhabit, and the eventual destiny of Man.

Chapter Four

In chapter four this Age of Aquarius is presented as the age in which the breach will be repaired and the crocked paths set straight by restoring women, the creative principle of the godhead, to her rightful place of power and glory. Only through this act will the Brotherhood of Man be achieved when the Star Sirius expressing through the unbridled influences of the planet Uranus, impact the affairs of humanity. A new consciousness will be ushered in as the Age of Pisces called The Age of Mysticism passes out, giving way to the Age of Occultism, unveiling the Ancient Mysteries and the Brotherhood of Man.

Chapter Five

The New World Order under the leadership and direction of the Spiritual Hierarchy of which our present governments are but imperfect reflections, will be gradually externalized. Respect and the recognition of the Oneness of all life are the characteristics of these Initiates and disciples who make up this body; their leadership of inclusive governance will replace the present separateness, greed and false power of many governments. Chapter five elaborates on the dark brotherhood of the Black Lodge on the astral plane and the lodge of the Great White Brotherhood, which symbolize the two governing forces on our planet. An understanding of these two forces, which this age unveils, will bring about a reconciling of these two forces toward lasting peace.

Chapter Six

Man, the Measure of Things: has been described by the Master Mason, in chapter six, as height, depth, length and breadth, which is Pure Geometry. In this chapter the revelation of who man is, and how he is constituted to reflect the inner secrets he carries within his organism, will leave you the reader, with no other conclusion than, that Man is the crowning act of his own creation and, that he is in fact God and the sovereign being that he truly is.

Chapter Seven

In the final chapter seven, The Seven Stages of Spiritual Unfoldment, shows how the aspirant and traveler reverses his journey and walks the Path of Return consciously.

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Dr. Etta D. Jackson

Dr. Etta D. Jackson is the author of four non-fiction paperback books available as paperback and ebooks.  In 1975 she received a divine message instructing her to write down the title of a book she would later write.  The title given was: ‘Understanding your Choice’.

At the time, Etta was flabbergasted.  She was not a writer and had no intention of writing books. She was convinced this was a mistake and ignored the message. Nevertheless, every five to ten years the title would pop up in her mind but she still could not understand what the title was about.

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