We are at the end of two great cycles; the end of the 2,160 year Age of Pisces and the end of the Cosmic Year of Pisces of 25,920 years.

To better understand what is occurring in the political arena is to understand the implications of such a collision of these two great cycles. Nothing wants to die, and so all the negative aspects of Pisces of paternalism, misogyny, war, religious fanaticism are what we are seeing and are refusing to die.

Separation has been at the foundation of all our systems and has defined the way we have lived, consciously or unconsciously. What we are seeing is an even greater amplification of that separation.

The struggle is between those who have not done the work necessary to move into the incoming Age of Aquarius and those who are ready to make the transition.

Everyone is now presented with a choice, and understanding that choice is crucial. The choice is between separation and unity.

The ancients say: ‘We cannot change what we cannot see!’ We are seeing all that must die if we are to be reborn to higher consciousness and bring in the Age of Aquarius which is the Age of Revelation and of the Brotherhood of Man.

This is a good time!  Take a good look at the idea on which the United States of America was founded. I invite you to look at: The Idea that is the United States of America: Its Occult Foundation at: www.ancientmisterybooks.com 


May Light Be Extended Upon You!

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