I find it fascinating listening to the conversations about the interview of Harry and Meghan by Oprah Winfrey. The reactions to the interview are quite interesting as the audience in the UK seem to be more sympathetic to the Royal Family while the audience in the US, more to Meghan and Harry.

I see all of this from a different perspective. Nineteen years ago, when I wrote my first book it was after a directive in 1975 from this Golden-White Light, which has been the source of information for me since childhood, instructed me to write down this title: Understanding Your Choice and informed me that it was the title of a book I would write. I looked at the Light and argued it had chosen the wrong person because I was no writer or author, and in any event; what could I possible write on a topic so vague as Understanding Your Choice? I argued on and off for 25 years, then, in the year 2000, the same LIGHT said: It is now time to write the book”! I instantly said: What book? But, quickly remembered and said: “Oh, that book”! I had by now stopped arguing and accepted the assignment and began the writing of the book. The directive given to me for the writing of the book was to be couched in the story of the Prodigal Son.  In the writing of the book, an intense golden light enveloped me for the nine months it took to write it and I was directed that I had to write it in the UK, and where the majority of it was written. Understanding Your Choice, speaks about the countries of the UK and the US as two brothers with the UK the older of the two. As I understood the symbolisms of the story as it relates to the UK and the US, the younger, the US left home as the story goes and went into the “far country” to go have an experience it knew he could not have, had he stayed within the palace walls. The younger brother had reached a place in his evolution of consciousness where he wanted to “know himself” and knew he had to go out to be with his brothers and sisters in distant lands to have the experience that only that journey could provide. I cannot but see the striking similarities between Harry and William especially given the two countries who are also brothers.

As the story goes, the Prodigal Son returns home after he had reached a point in his journey having experienced all his soul required of him.  Under the influence of the Scorpio energy, he reversed his journey and began his return home. The Father always knew he would return and therefore had an eye out for his return and to welcome him Home! The Father knew that the experience he had gathered qualified him to now be the head of the Kingdom because of the knowledge, understanding and wisdom those experiences provided him. He was, in fact, elevated above the brother who stayed home!

It is wisdom that is the most valuable currency…not money, title, or class! I suspect the story of Harry and William will play out along these lines and it will be of great interest to see if it is Harry who leads the new Britain into the future marking a true reversal of the traditional role each was supposed to play because, in the end, it is consciousness that determines true power and leadership!

 It is also of no surprise the role a black woman, plays in this…

For a full read: Understanding Your Choice: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07GPWPPKM

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