The purpose of all education is the evolution of consciousness…

Humanity chose to come to Earth to have an experience in matter by taking on a garment of flesh and become part of the experiment with illusion of separation, which is the notion that everyone and everything are essentially not ONE!  When one cannot see himself in his neighbor but as his enemy, the results are and have been deadly!  This results in ‘me against them.’ When his brother is even reduced to less than human it gives justification for the marginalized treatment of others and for all the kingdoms below him. There was always a timeline for when this experiment would end.  What we are experiencing with COVID-19, as a catalyst, is the beginnings of what oneness looks like for all the kingdoms…mineral, plant, animal, human and an emerging fifth kingdom of spiritually conscious human forming a larger group of enlightened souls who have always been the guardians of the evolution of consciousness of all life.

Mankind became enamored with many-ness and matter that obscured his intrinsic relationship with each other. And, that the garbs we wear is not who we are but what is behind the mask of flesh we wear but is the one life force that exist in each life form. We are witnessing a tear in the veil that has prevented us from seeing the truth that lie behind the illusion of race, class, finance, education, ethnicity and national origin.

COVID-19 has begun something that cannot and will not see a return to life as we knew it. Life on planet Earth has changed forever. Consciousness is exploding and every life form is being affected. We are on a path of return to Oneness and nothing can stop it. This magnitude of change happens at the end of every Age which is 2,160 years and every Cosmic Year which is 25, 920 years. We are now at the intersection of these two cycles and like the Prodigal Son, we are on the return journey having spent much time in foreign lands!

Spiritual evolution cannot occur without time for self-reflection and self-awareness and COVID-19 is allowing for this physical, emotional and mental space for this to take place.  The foundation on which greed, selfishness, racism, misogyny, war and separation of all kinds were kept in place on the mental plane have flourished and led to disastrous results and must crumble if we are to have a new world with a reality of Oneness.

Out of the ashes of this COVID-19 experience will rise the Phoenix of hope and regeneration. The United States will do what it was destined to do which is to show to the world what it means to have gone down into Egypt, symbolically, the land of illusion and bondage, as it continues its journey to Jerusalem the symbolic place of PEACE for everyone.  This is the idea behind the creation of the USA to be a large movie screen for the world…

My Light be Extended Upon You!



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