“Government is to a society what the head is to the body…”

We are told by the ancient wisdom teachings that in a desire to establish a divine kingdom on Earth, which would be a reflection of the kingdom Above, our many governmental systems were developed.  The systems we see operating around the world are but imperfect reflections of the ideal government divinely planned.  They are works in progress, and as each country matures and moves through the three stages analogous to human development:

We will be able to enjoy the rewards of the struggle from darkness/ignorance into knowledge/light.  Each individual and each country must construct the ladder internally to climb to the ultimate achievement of a government that is inclusive and serves the purpose for which it was established.

The divine structure and framework given to mankind for his evolution contains three basic departments:

With the understanding that the primary intent for setting up this experiment on planet Earth, was to bring together groups of souls from many different planetary systems in the galaxy to interact, find their common ancestry and to realize their connection as part of one family of human beings.

Through the process of incarnation, each has forgotten his relationship to his brother thereby creating a system based on scarcity, competition and survival.  And like crabs in a barrel we would destroy anyone who would appear to get in the way of that survival.

Mankind is emerging out of the fog that a loss of memory created by his involutionary journey into the density of matter and materialism.  Each government and each individual is beginning to remember his true relationship to each other.  Communication through travel and technology is providing the opportunity to know more about one another and thus the barriers and boundaries are coming down.  The discovery of the essential nature of Oneness is causing everyone to re-think this illusionary concept of separation and Unity seems to be breaking out everywhere.

We now have a new crop of human beings who we can rightly call the children of the future who are characterized by an understanding of the inter-relationship of all life.  Since they are able to filter out of their consciousness the prejudices and ignorance of past generations, they will anchor the Aquarian government on Earth, with the hallmarks of:

Due to the loss of memory that Humanity experienced as it involuted into matter, we concluded that there is little or no relationship between things that appear to be different.  To heal this malady of the mind, the three basic areas mentioned previously were put in place to train the mind to penetrate the veils of appearances with the eye of the higher mind.  We will then be able to see that, in fact, the essential nature of all things is the same and that all Life is part of one Whole irrespective of outer appearances.

There has been much talk about the role of government in the lives of the citizenry and the need to keep the government out but.  It is my feeling that what society is yearning for is a government that is spiritualized.  One in which the Divine Plan for Humanity is fully operational.  However, when one is in separation, he is not able to recognize a government that reflects the Divine Intent for society.

Those with no vision and are near-sighted are convinced that things are getting worse and are very aggravated.  What is also true however is that even their ability to see these divisions is a function of their unfoldment and that the tools this new age now provides offers greater transparency.

However, when one is unable to penetrate the darkness he becomes hopeless and is convinced that the civilization is doomed.

The opportunist on the other hand sees an opening in this discontent for him to assume prominence and to come to the forefront in some department of world activity like religion, economics or politics.  Despite good intentions at times, these opportunists exploit the masses, and twist the situation to their own ends.  In some cases it is because life, destiny, fate or karma assign them for that position to balance out past acts, and so they become men/women of destiny.  Yet all the time they are but pawns in the hands of The Spiritual Hierarchy who are working to some higher end.

The peoples of the world are essentially divided into four groups:

1. The ignorant masses:  These are souls who, through poverty, lack of employment, illiteracy, hunger, distress, no leisure time or means for cultural advantages are in an inflamed condition.

They are developed just enough to respond to the mental control and suggestion of slightly more advanced people.  They can be easily regimented, influenced, standardized and swept into collective activity by leaders of any school of thought.  Whoever is clever enough and emotional enough can appeal to their material desires, love of country, and/or hatred of those who possess more than they do or look different.

They can be controlled by fear, and therefore aroused to action by emotional appeal.  Knowing no better and suffering so much, they are easily swept by the fires of hatred and fanaticism, and so they constitute one of the greatest and most innocent menaces of the present time.

They are the playthings of the better informed, and are helpless in the hands of those who seek to use them for any purpose they chose.  They can be influenced most easily by emotional appeals and by promises, while ideas make but little impact upon their consciousness, since they are not yet developed enough to think for themselves.

For the most part, the majority of them are young souls.  These souls are impelled by the need to feel that they are of value; they are also motivated by a desire to retaliate for not being recipients of more of the material benefits of life.

Unfortunately, because they are an unthinking, unreasonable mass of human beings, they can be easily manipulated and exploited by the idealism of the leaders and demagogues who propel them onto even violent actions with mob psychology, and mob rule.  The masses of humanity fight and die on the urge of inflammatory speeches and seldom know what it is all about.  In the end, however, they must come to know that their conditions can be bettered, through different means and not bloodshed and exploitation.

2. Secondly, the middle class, so called, is made up of the lower higher and the upper lower classes which is the bulk of any nation.  They are the bourgeoisie—the intelligent, diligent, inquiring, narrow-minded, essentially religious– though frequently repudiating the different forms of religion.

This second group is the most fruitful field from which the new leaders and organizers are being drawn.  They constitute an intermediate group between world thinkers, the intelligentsia, and the masses of men.  They have benefited from improved educational opportunities, they are able to read and are intelligent and, through the new methods of propaganda such as the press, television and radio; they constitute the most powerful group in each nation.  It is to them that the leaders make their appeal, and it is their backing and their partisanship which is demanded and ensures success by any leader.

In the final analysis, they are the determining factor in world affairs.  They form the bulk of the partisans in the world, the fighters for a cause, and can be formed into great groups, either for or against whatever party.

If they are not literally fighting, in the physical sense, they are fighting with words, speeches and books. They love to recognize and choose a leader, and are ready to die for a cause, and to make endless sacrifices for their ideals, based upon the ideas presented to them by their chosen leaders.

This group is being greatly influenced by the Spiritual Hierarchy at this time who seek to use them to impose the new rhythms on the different peoples in a society such as,—  political groups, religious idealists, fanatics, the protagonists of the new social order and economic regimes as translated to them rightly or wrongly by their leaders.

In the end, what they desire above all else is peace, stable economic conditions, and an orderly world.

3. The thinkers of the world:  these are the highly educated and intelligent men and women, who have ideas and formulate them into ideals.

These people speak the words, write the articles and books, and utilize all the known methods to reach and educate the general public, and thus stir up the bourgeoisie to activity with the goal of influencing the masses.

The role they play is of great importance.  From this group comes those who are steadily influencing the trend in world affairs, sometimes for good and, unfortunately, sometimes toward selfish ends but always working under the inspiration of this new age.

With the public platforms in their hands, the power of the media and radio, they play upon the human mind as a musician plays upon his instrument and, their responsibility is enormous.  In the main, they are dedicated to the amelioration of human conditions and the betterment of world affairs, giving hope for the future and the upliftment of humanity.  These souls can be found in every government, party, society, and in every church and religious organization.

They constitute the most influential group today because it is through them that the large middle class is reached, influenced and organized toward political, religious and social ends.

The ideas and words of this group percolate down through the upper and middle classes and finally reach the ears of the more advanced of the undeveloped masses.

4. The Adepts—the emerging fifth kingdom of Humanity:  these are the people who are beginning to form a new social order in the world.  They belong to no party or government in the partisan sense.  They recognize all parties, all creeds, and all social and economic organizations and recognize all governments.  They are found in all nations and all religious organizations and are involved with the formulation of the new social order commonly, but not always accurately, referred to as the New World Order.

They do not fight to keep the best in the old order or for the betterment of world conditions.  They have concluded that the old methods of fighting, and the partisanship of the leaders are out of date.  They know that old ways of party battles and of violent attacks on individuals whose ideas or way of living are different are detrimental. And, most profoundly, that all sides have utterly failed humanity.

These methods have proven to be futile and unsuitable to bringing in the desired conditions of peace, economic plenty and understanding.  And so, they are occupied with the task of inaugurating the New World Order by forming, throughout the world—in every nation, city and town,—a grouping of people who belong to no party, take no sides either for or against, but who have as clear and definite a platform and as practical a program as any other single party in the world today.

The platform upon which they stand is— the essential divinity of Man— with the understanding that a basic human characteristic is that of goodwill; this is the premise on which they build their program.  They see no racial, national or religious barriers and therefore work to heal the breaches between peoples; to evoke a sense of brotherhood and to foster a sense of mutual inter-relation.

At this time, they are organizing men and women of good will throughout the world, outlining to them a definite plan and framework within which they can meet.

This group of adepts state and know that their initial appeal has been such that, given the assistance of the trained minds found in the third group mentioned previously, with financial assistance for educational and media initiatives, they can change the world.

This They know can be accomplished without war, without arousing hatred, without attacking any cause or partisanship — and, that the New Order can be firmly established upon earth.

It is the obligation of these Initiates to watch over human evolution and to guide the destinies of men.  This objective They carry forward by implanting ideas in the minds of world thinkers.  This is accomplished, not through force which infringes upon the free will of the human spirit, but through the evocation of the human consciousness so that these ideas can be received, recognized and, in time, become the prevailing influences in human life.

Thus is the relationship of:

The Hierarchy → The Adepts → The Masses of Humanity

It is important to look at this issue from two different angles and to always remember that the objective of the new social order, new politics and new religion is to:

Bring about the unfoldment of human consciousness

Institute and bring to men’s attention the higher values, and

End the reign of materialism.

This is the goal to which all true knowers and spiritually minded men through the ages have committed themselves — to bring in the rule of the Kingdom of Heaven, which is the era of peace on earth.  This is indicated by the widespread emphasis upon world peace, as is voiced by great political leaders and by churches everywhere.

The Hierarchy is struggling hard against the so-called “forces of evil”, which  are  not  armies of unrighteousness and sinfulness, organized under a figment of the imagination, the devil or some other supreme Antichrist, for such an army does not exist.  There is no great enemy of God arraigned in battle against the Most High.

These “forces of evil” are none other than suffering, erring humanity that are still half-awakened, dimly sensing the vision, and struggling to free itself from the thralldom of the past with its tarnished allegiances and its unchecked loyalties.  The forces of evil are, in the end, only the entrenched archaic ideals and habits of thought which have served the purpose of bringing the human race to its present point of development, but which must now disappear if the New Age is to be ushered in as desired.

The old Antichrist rhythms, inherent in the old forms of religion, politics and the old social order, must give way to newer ideals, to synthetic understanding, and to the new order.  The laws and modes of procedure which are characteristic of the New Age must supersede the old, and these will, in time, institute the new social order and the more inclusive regime.

This work will bring about the conscious development of Universal Mind/Intelligence; Universal Love and Universal Will.  These are recognized by all world religions, including the Christian religion as a required achievement in this new age.

There are many experiments taking place especially in the realm of government today as men everywhere attempt to apply the newly sensed approaching ideals.

In an attempt to bring in some aspect of this ideal to the new social order much antagonism and hatred becomes obvious.  What we are really seeing are clear lines of demarcation and distinction as each group is convinced it is right.

The divine purpose for government was to set up a system wherein the liberation of humanity from ignorance can be achieved.  It is toward that end, again, that the following three primary systems were established:

As humanity emerges out of Darkness into Light and matures from childhood to adulthood our systems of government will correspondingly more closely reflect the divine intent for governments based on Oneness, Divinity and the Right of all Life to enjoy what the earth so bountifully provide.  Man will have more leisure time to contemplate who he is so the mystery of his divinity can be revealed to his conscious mind.

In Service to Humanity…


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