I felt compelled to add my voice to the much written and talked about “Law of Attraction.” It appears many are just delighted to know that a law exists that allows all their desires to come into their lives with the right focus!  Based on the scientific premise of the law, we know that is exactly what it does. However we focus the mind, we are able to move matter in that direction.

However, to shed some light on this law we need to understand where it came from.  The Law of Attraction was instituted at the beginning of time to ensure that the ‘Personality’ – the earthly vehicle made up of the physical, emotional and mental bodies – would find his way back together with his soul so the individual could be whole again.  It was intended that the purpose for which humanity came into evolution and the ‘experiment’ which was the foundation of Man’s play in matter, would also provide for his return so that he would not become lost in the illusion of Matter.

Mankind’s desire when he chose to come onto the plane of name and form was to immerse himself in matter, to lose himself in it and then remember the real reason for which he chose to come on the adventure.

In the Christian story of the prodigal son, the son went out into the world to experience everything he could not learn in the controlled environment of his home.  He needed to go out into the world and gave himself permission to experience all his heart desired in the world of form….and he did!  Then, as the story goes, he became so satiated with matter and, having had his fill, he decided to reverse his path and return home!  The path home is analogous to the Law of Attraction.  The Law of Attraction is in operation when the illusion of success, peace, happiness and wholeness is attained through matter ends and the individual turns his face toward symbolic Jerusalem, the Abode of Peace…

In the Fama Fraternatis of 1610, it is written of a German lad of high nobility of, who discovers that with all his wealth and position in society, he was in poverty.  Whether it is through this story and the point of cognition that led him to initiate his journey from West to East through the desert to Jerusalem, or the story of the prodigal son of the Christian story who left home on his adventure into the far country and who became immersed in matter and all it has to offer, each of us must come to ourselves after becoming satiated, reverse our steps and head for (re-)union with his soul to attain true peace.

Similarly, Jubela, Jubelo and Jubelum of the Masonic story and who respectively represent the physical, emotional and mental bodies, had the same experience as everyone eventually does.  Everyone comes to know that matter offers no permanent peace and that only through the reconnection of the personality to one’s soul, when the wandering is over, that through the benevolent “Law of Attraction” can sustainable success and fulfillment be achieved.

They who have walked the path to true fulfillment know that matter – the lowest form of spirit – must come under the dominion of spirit who created it, for the true order of things to be in operation.  When, through the Law of Attraction, the soul and the personality come back into union with one another, the desire nature changes and the thirst and hunger is for things that truly last.  This cannot take place however, until one’s fascination with gold is complete and he/she acquires the ability to see that gold was never what he was looking for.  Spirit cannot be manipulated to give you more, and, if you need more matter so you can be happy… matter  can do just that and take you to the ultimate of your illusion.

Jesus our wayshower for the Age of Pisces was and is the perfect example of what this journey is about… he had no money, no house, no land or formal education though totally learned, such that he could carry out the most profound discourse with the rabbis of the Sanhedrin.  He was never in need of anything and was the perfect example to Man, his life was simple!  But as we know, since he understood that when the law of attraction operates for the purpose for which it was originally intended, his physical obligations would be met.  H knew that this was the source – not the job, the wife, the husband, the inheritance, etc.  He walked the planet for “33” symbolic years to perfect the union of his soul and his earthly body to be able to say, when his process of Initiation was achieved —I and my father are one— the law of attraction had completed its work in him and brought about the result for which it was established.

In the union of soul and personality, there is no more wanting – matter and spirit are no longer alienated from each other, and as a matter of course, everything one needs in the physical world now responds to him because the “law” is now established in him and must respond to him to provide all he needs in the physical world.  The struggle with matter ends and instead yields to him in his consciousness. The pair of opposites — Poverty and Wealth— are now reconciled!  As the young German discovers by the time he completes his journey in Jerusalem, wealth is not the possession of gold, and poverty is not the absence of gold!

It is very unfortunate that religious dogma seems to suggest to its followers that the measure of how much one is loved by God and is successful, is the amount of material possessions or gold they can amass.  This absurd notion has caused mankind to define itself by how much he/she has and all his time is spent acquiring more and more possessions, leaving no time for the self-reflection and self-assessment that will lead to liberation from the bondage to form and ignorance.

The hand of Saturn, the celestial teacher, can be seen so strongly in the financial crisis the world is experiencing.  Humanity must turn his attention to the creator of matter and not be ruled by the matter he has created.  The current financial crisis is designed to cause a reversal in the mind so that Man embarks on his Path of Return, which is the goal of the Aquarian Age!  Man will come to know within his being:  Spirit is the highest form of Matter, and Matter is the lowest form of Spirit.  He will remember that his purpose here is to re-constitute his three lower bodies so he can house his Spirit who brought him into evolution to carry out its purpose.

The Law of Attraction, like any law, is neutral and will attract anything one focuses its attention on.  Man, the craftsman must bring about the alchemical process in his being, through right attention and right focus, that allows for the transformation in his cells to occur that will make him an acceptable vehicle for his spirit to come in and commune with him.  Only then can the true secrets of life and the mystery of who he is be revealed to him so he can achieve true wealth and lasting peace.

And that, is the true law of attraction at work.

***More information on the Fama Fraternatis can be found in Unveiling the Secrets of the Feminine Principle and more about the Masonic stories of Jubela, Jubelo and Jubelum can be found in the book The Role of Consciousness in Governance at www.arvestacommunications.com.  Free excerpts are also available from both books.

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