In the American Indian story of birth they say a baby is born in nine months and ten moons…

In this story is described the first and the second birth…

The day we celebrate as the birth of Jesus, 25th of December, falls in the sign of Capricorn, the tenth month of the zodiacal calendar and, according to the wisdom teachings, this is not the date of his first birth but rather the sign under which he attained his second birth, on the spiritual mountain-top, having climbed the steep and arid terrain that the mountain-goat, representative of Capricorn, must encounter on his ascent.

Capricorn, a cardinal Earth sign, one of the most important signs and associated with initiation,. It is said to be the sign in which humanity attains liberation from the bondage of ignorance.

It is one of the three horned signs that hide the mysteries of— the Horn of Strife; the Horn of Plenty; and the Horn of Life.

Aries, the Ram, —The Mystery of God the Father—Creation

Taurus, the Bull,—The Mystery of the Son—Redemption

Capricorn, the Goat, — The Mystery of the Mother/Holy Spirit—Liberation

Aries, the Ram leads mankind into the creative life of Earth, and into the darkness of matter. The downturned horns of the Ram therefore signify the involutionary cycle or the coming into manifestation.

In Taurus, the upturned horns of the Bull with the circle below, depicts the push of man, which represents the “Bull of God” within man, pushing him towards the goal of illumination and the emergence of the soul from the bondage of duality.  The two horns symbolize and protect the “eye of light” in the center of the Bull’s forehead which is the “single eye”, as spoken of in the New Testament that will flood the body to become full of light at the final initiation.  The Bull leads man into desire in search of “wrathful satisfaction” of greed and of anger, which eventually changes into the golden light of illumination and becomes the bestower of light and lightens the once dark path of the traveler.

Capricorn, the Mountain Goat hides within it the symbolism of the unicorn in which the two horns and the single eye are blended and depict the long straight horn in the center of the forehead.  The mountain goat leads man into arid paths in search of food and water but it is the goat that is capable of climbing to the mountain top.

Aries, the Ram in his transformational process first becomes the Scapegoat, when he does, he then seeks illumination as the Bull of God, climbs the mountain top in the semblance as the Goat and changes its shape into the Unicorn.

Under the Divine Plan, these three signs are the great transformers that open the doors of the three higher centers in man: the head, the heart and the throat.

Looking at Capricorn from the perspective of its relationship to the second or spiritual birth, we see how the Divine Plan for man’s decent into matter, his desire to experience all that matter can offer and then his emergence out of the illusion of matter into Light, is what is represented during the Christmas season that we call the Festival of Lights.

Capricorn is an earth sign and in this sign is expressed the densest point of concrete materialization of which the human soul is capable.  In every human being is the seed— this earth, this earthiness— and it is this in Man that makes him “the First Adam” and at the same time holds within himself as does the sign, the seeds of death and finality.  This death takes place finally, and eventually, in the sign of Pisces.  This point should be pondered, since it has great meaning.

When matter and all that it connotes reaches a certain degree of density and “hardness” it is easily shattered and destroyed.  The man, newly “born” in Capricorn on the mountain top brings about his own destruction due to his fundamentally materialistic nature together with the “blows’ of fate, which are enactments of the Law of Karma.

In every incarnation Man repeats a certain measure of concreteness, and repeatedly undergoes the same destruction until the release of the life within the form—the release of the spirit out of bondage to matter.

The liberated Man then begins to rebuild the form from the ashes of that destruction but on a new foundation…

Capricorn is often seen as the sign of conclusion since it marks the point beyond which no further ascent in any particular life cycle is possible, and is esoterically referred to as the sign of “periodic arresting.”

It becomes impossible for the soul to progress under its existing form so it necessitates that the individual make his descent into the valley of pain, despair and death before he makes a new attempt to scale the heights again.  This innate need to scale the heights in all aspects is the urge that motivates so many to climb the highest mountain, whether it be Mt. Everest, Kilimanjaro, etc. or to reach the summit of one’s emotional and mental experience.

Humanity is now poised to emerge into the light and relative glory of a new civilization.  Mankind will, at the same time, conquer the last remaining summit:  the mountain top of spiritual attainment!  At this time all that which is dense materiality and earthly grandeur will remain, but this time it will be beneath the feet of humanity

Hint:  Pisces rules the feet

Capricorn is the sign in which a new cycle of effort begins for both the individual and the initiate.

The struggles, the fights, the strains against the forces of the underworld which mark the path of the initiate are distinctive of the Capricorn experience.

In ancient times there were only ten signs and Capricorn was the last on the zodiacal wheel since humanity had not yet then evolved the capacity to accept the influences of Aquarius and Pisces.  Even earlier, there were only eight signs until Libra and Virgo emerged in response to humanity’s needs.

When individualization took place in man under the sign of Leo, and the seed of “Christhood” was planted in Man under the sign of Virgo, Man became able   to nurture this “Divine Idea.”  This Divine Idea of Christhood now involuted into Earth under the sign of Aries comes into full flower in Capricorn, culminating into the birth of the “Christ Child.”

Mankind as a whole is in a state of turmoil as he is about to step forward into self-conscious unfoldment and into a sense of personal responsibility— the first flower and fruit of self-conscious awareness.

This is a journey walked alone, initiated and sustained only by the inner light of each individual’s un-quenching desire for self-knowledge.

May this be a different kind of Christmas for you as you contemplate your conscious journey towards the summit…


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