It was written almost a hundred years ago that at the end of the Piscean Age as we transition into the Aquarian Age there would be a 67-33 percent split among humanity due to where they would be in their evolution in consciousness. The split reflects those who have and are moving toward the Brotherhood of Mankind and those who are not able to make the transition from Separation. It is not because they are deplorable(s), however, but because like everyone who came to the planet to learn and grow, they have not yet developed the capacity for ONE-ness and won’t be able to transmute these elements of their personality in this cycle.
The news speaks frequently about Trump’s third but it was just recently that Hillary talked about the two-thirds who were forward thinking. She is being castigated for it but there is truth to it. She does not have the language to explain it and I doubt that news media would accept my explanation, either. It was interesting to hear this being talked about in those terms, however, as I have known that this was predicted almost a century ago.
My professor recently remarked that there has been an explosion in mental development over the last thirty years. This fact further confirms that the systematic and progressive evolution of conscious is happening. We are moving from a largely emotional way of processing information to being able to reason things out. Again, this is an Aquarian signal as Aquarius is an air sign which rules the mind.
Friends, we are the ones we have been waiting for. It is through us and by us that that the transition from the negative residue of the Piscean Age characterized by: paternalism, war, separation, misogyny, religious fanaticism and lies is happening.

Like it or not the Age of Revelation, Unveiling, Brotherhood and Peace is here and cannot be stopped. We must keep in mind that the one(s) who are most conscious are always the ones in charge, contrary to appearances.
Consciousness is what determines everything…

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